lunes, 27 de octubre de 2014


 After two decades in the Fashion industry and I arrived to Miami In June 2014. I had spent a professional year break in Harvard, refreshing my mind and acquiring new skills for the rest of my career. I was doing many courses; business, entrepreneurship, how fashion changes with technology and a lot of art inspiration. The old and the new world in the same cocktail.   
  I’ve been a fashion designer since I graduated  at Istituto Marangoni in Milano (Italy). But I feel fashion has always been my passion. That was my family business in Málaga and I grew up surrounded by clothes and patterns. I consider music as my other passion, which is what really drives me into fashion.

  I think of myself as a multidisciplinary designer, working in the hole process from design to sale, having created my own companies; Kids, women, men, relaunching a vintage brand, designing a line for Mandarine Hotel and working and leaning teams in big a renewed brands and startups. I love freelancing but also working in a creative environment with other designers.

  Having lived in Málaga, Barcelona, Milano, Madrid, Boston and now in Miami, I adapt easily to different cultures and try to get the most of it bringing my european background.

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